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Hi, I’m Tanya Stitser, CEO and Creator of JustSaltIt.com.

The two questions I am most often asked are, why are you doing what you are doing and what is Just Salt It all about?

I believe we all have the power to create our own lives. Think about that for a minute and how many things you create each day. Maybe it is a meal, a financial spreadsheet, a drawing, a fitness goal, whatever it is that you are performing is creativity. Once you understand your vision, you can create your purpose. I put these ideas through a test for 49 years of my life, and I want to teach you what I have learned.

As a child growing up in a blue-collar family in northern California, we were not needy in any way, but nor did we have anything extravagant. We always sat down for dinner together as a family, eating my mom's home-cooked meals. "What's for dinner?" was a common question in our house and still is today in my home.

As I got older and left for college, I started to question whether those delicious foods I had been eating my whole life, if they were healthy or not? It was at this time that I started to learn about healthy food choices, different cooking techniques, and my overall health.
Right after college, I was married and got pregnant with my son. Soon after he was born was when I started to change some of my eating habits. I wanted my children to experience different flavors, different cuisines, and appreciate a healthy lifestyle and healthy foods. Three years after having my son, my daughter was born, and at that time, my passion for food, fitness, and lifestyle took off.

I opened my own personal chef business, taught cooking classes, and classes in fitness and nutrition. A few years later, my marriage to my children's father failed, and a second marriage also failed as well due to the fact, and unbeknownst to me at the time, I had married an alcoholic. It was between these two difficult times in my life I left the culinary world and went into hospital administration. I Continued in this career for 11 years. This time was filled with a lot of pain and personal development.  I took time and space to reflect and listen while deconstructing my entire life. My love for my children and my work kept me balanced and going strong.

My motto became, "Suck it up and keep moving forward in a positive manner!" Which I did do. I got my Masters in Business Administration. I ran marathons and ultra-marathons, and I watched my children become amazing adults and graduate from college. During this period of my life, I also found my soulmate, my husband, and the love of my life.

I have taken my creativity, my struggles, my culinary skills, and my life lessons, and poured them into my Just Salt It website. I think of myself as a guide on the side for women and men to learn from and also to trust in me and my information.

In today's world, there is so much information out there. You can look up most anything on the Internet and receive a lot of answers to questions you have. Is all the information accurate? Are all the people honest? Are all the answers valid? No, and quite the contrary.

Just salt It is about as real as it gets. I write all the blogs and recipes. My husband is my photographer, and I edit the photos ever so slightly, I record the podcasts myself, and I do a great deal of research on subjects that I choose to talk or write about.

All of the topics come from my heart and cover everything from lessons I have learned, recipes and flavors I love, fitness, having a positive mindset, home decor, and education on recognizing and using your superpowers to design your life.  

Did you know we all have superpowers? Guess what? We do! If you do not know what your superpowers are, ask some friends and family who you respect and trust what they think your strongest qualities are; in other words, your superpowers. When I asked some of my family, what mine are, the responses were driven, confident, humble, balanced, etc.  When I look in the mirror, I now see these superpowers, and I am so proud of who I am. I want you to learn to do the same within yourself. You too, can use your superpowers to execute your vision!

Please visit me at JustSaltIt.com, follow me on Instagram, and hire me to speak at your next event. Let me inspire and transform your audience and help them to be the relentless force in making their life awesome!




Tanya Stitser - culinary health lifestyle coaching

Embrace the miracle of living seasonally, healthy food choices, pushing yourself physically, practicing mindfulness, and being the relentless force in making your life awesome!

I got married back in August of 2017 and took a break from the corporate world in December of that same year. It has been a break I am so thankful for. I chose to leave my well-paid job to be home and become a fully engaged wife and partner in the large remodel of our beautiful home. This time has not only been the best year of my life, but I have been able to breathe and get to know who I am and what I truly want out of life. 

Thank you for visiting Just Salt It. This website is the little seedling that I look forward to nurturing and watching grow. Photography is new to me as well as producing podcasts and videos. So please embrace my infancy on those topics and enjoy watching me grow over the next few months. I am so excited about this new adventure and look forward to sharing my experiences with you and being your guide on the side as we explore my passion in food, fitness, life, and home with you. 

Embrace the miracle of living seasonally, healthy food choices, pushing yourself physically, practicing mindfulness, and being the relentless force in making your life awesome!

Just Salt It, and Enjoy!

Prosperity begins with a state of mind.



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